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A4 FUSD - African American Academic Acceleration Robotics and Math Camp 2022

A4 FUSD - African American Academic Acceleration Robotics and Math Camp 2022

Submitted by Peter on 20 June 2022

After leaving Fresno State and its Technology Services Department, I returned to the classroom.

I'm excited to teach Coding and Robotics to the Students at Fresno Unified School District (FUSD) for K12 and specifically, 5th graders.

We are using the Edison Robot from along with its coding tool,, to learn mathematics, coding, and critical thinking skills.

This program runs from June 13th, 2022 to June 30th, 2022 between 8AM to 2PM, Monday through Friday at various campuses throughout FUSD and Fresno.

STEM Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

FUSD has brilliantly teamed up with and its creators to provide instruction to students who are interested in STEM classes and programs.

Science: Students in the A4 program get to exposed to African American scientists, general science concepts and researched based curriculum

Technology: FUSD's A4 Math Camp uses advanced but kid friendly technology in the form of the Edison Robot

Engineering: A4 students get to build models and coding robots to complete tasks.

Mathematics: FUSD students in the African American Academic Acceleration (A4) program learn about fractions and math while they get hands on real-world experience coding real robots.


Parents will love A4 because it teaches math and coding, promotes self confidence and a growth mindset, and helps build respectful relationships with other students and their teachers.


I've learned more today about fractions at A4 than I learned at my school!
~ Devon

Students love A4 because it's super duper fun and as students they get to participant in activities that otherwise.. they wouldn't able to experience.

Project Based Learning

A4 students learn by doing awesome educational programs such as:

  • coding a robot to drive
  • making our robots play musical notes
  • producing art and block letters and numbers
  • creating a robotic concert