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About Me

If you’re here, chances are you live in California, the Central Valley, in either Fresno or Clovis.  You’re engaged with your community organizations such as schools, Rotary International, Toastmasters, churches, Boys and Girls Scouts, sports clubs; support academic achievement, use information technology like social media, mobile devices; interact/enjoy/produce/need/like photos and videos; have a strong ethical and moral foundation; prefer direct communications, and have a ton of ongoing, planned, and wished for projects.

I grew up in Silicon Valley.  There I learned to hustle very early on as a 9-year-old paperboy as I went through 4-12 grades.

Hustling, I used my paper route to find other sources of revenue like finding homes that needed their lawns mowed,  their dogs walked, tutoring their kids, or hauling recyclables.  I hustled then.  I hustle now.

Everything in Silicon Valley moves fast.  It's pace was and is incredible.  There in Silicon valley and as a paperboy, I entered the world of the entrepreneur and worked to solve problems for my clients.

I used Microsoft Word 3.1 to create billing invoices for my routes.  I used newspaper ads to find and sell used equipment.  Then I entered the health and fitness industry in the mid-1990s.  I became a fitness trainer and group instructor and sold fitness products and serves.

I have worked at Gold's Gym, Ray Wilson Family Fitness, 24-Hour Natilus and 24-Hour Fitness, George Browns and GB3, Blast Fitness, and Bally's Total Fitness.

Today, I teach fitness classes at various GB3 clubs and Crunch Fitness Shaw in Clovis.

At Fresno State, I help the campus and community organizations solve problems (usually Information Technology; ie things with buttons) and the results they need to win.

My values are based on religious education and experiences, ethical and moral training from several sources, and from my own personal history and experiences.

Basically, I try to follow 5 Concepts to make my life flourish in 5 Areas.

5 Areas

  1.     Faith
  2.     Family and Friends
  3.     Future
  4.     Funds
  5.     Form


  1.     Is it the TRUTH?
  2.     Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  3.     Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?
  4.     Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?"
  5.     Treat others the way they want to be treated.

I continued to deliver papers as I wrestled and played football in high school.  Very few jobs and sports build the kind of mental toughness like wrestling, football, and being a paperboy produced. 

Football was great but I was very lucky that I attended and graduated from Santa Clara High and wrestled during the tenure of Coach JD Robbins,  Coach Robbins produced outstanding wrestlers and I was lucky to have teammates and State Champions.  The Santa Clara Bruins in my heyday had State Champion Tracy Brown; State Placers Ryan Sakai, Chong Ki Yi, and Chong Yi; and star athlete and team captain, Tim Juarez.

My values were formed during my morning deliveries and while wrestling at Santa Clara High School, then in jujitsu, boxing, and mixed martial arts.  In high school, I saw a bunch of kids working as hard as humanly possible to shed weight, build muscle, and run like Secretariat; strong, powerful, fast, and with endurance.  

Later in life, I learned that I was a Rotarian at birth and try to live as best as can according to the 4 Way Test and the ethical and morals framework I have received at Fresno State’s Computer Science, Education, and Business colleges, from the National Coalition for Building Institute; and such programs at Fresno State like Mediator Mentors, Emerging Leaders, and the Staff Assembly Executive Committee.