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Ethics Matter

Ethics Matter

One of the best things about working at Fresno State, University of Phoenix, and health clubs is the wide array of leadership styles and personality types. Same goes for non-profit and community service organizations. People and their styles and preferences can be and often are different.

However, ethical and professional standards are not so flexible. This is why they are called standards. Like the rules in a sporting event, everyone needs to be held accountable in the same manner. Fairly. Justly. Consistently.

Ethics matter.

Ethics matter today and have more impact and reach due to technology and social media. Thus there is a growing opportunity to succeed or fail ethically. These ethical outcomes can and often are spread throughout an organization quickly. These outcomes can drastically affect the culture and environment of the organization.

People are watching. Reading. Sharing stories online. Ethical failures are shared readily online.

Leaders, coaches, and organizations need to be aware of these ethical and professional standards to protect themselves, their organizations, and their clients, students, or end-users.

Ethics matter. 

Ethics Matter
Ethical leadership requires us to do what is right, not what is easy. Hear stories from a Bulldog's and PMP's experience in higher education, service projects and project management, fitness, and technology.
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